The ongoing European debt crisis and the slow recovery in the United States are starting to impact China and Latin America’s economic growth.

An inevitable re-balancing of China’s economy will be accompanied by a collapse in commodity demand within five years, a leading China expert has warned via Emerging Markets Organization.

According to the Financial Times:

The Inter-American Development Bank said increasing dependence on commodity exports, less fiscal maneuvering, significant capital inflows and high exposure to Spanish banks were weak spots that could knock expected Latin American growth off it’s course this year.

Behind the scenes.

Latin America is now facing much more restrictive lending practices from European banks both located in that region and abroad. Less access to capital for Latin American purchasers results in less demand for products from China. Last week, China posted the biggest trade deficit in years and announced a cut in its economic growth target for 2012.

A decrease in the demand for products from the world’s largest exporter means that there is no need for China to produce as much as it has done during the previous years. That means that China’s need for raw materials will decrease.

A large percentage of the raw materials that China imports, come from Latin America.  More specifically, Brazil has become one of China’s biggest trading partners.  Brazil exports large quantities of iron ore, soybeans, and copper to China. A decrease on China’s needs for raw materials will definitely affect the economic growth of Brazil and other countries in the region.

According to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, a drop in Chinese growth to 7.5% would reduce commodity prices and Latin American exports to China by up to 10% and 3%, respectively. Raw materials, oil, iron ore, copper, would bear the brunt of this price correction rather than agricultural exports.

This situation presents a very dangerous scenario for Latin America. Fortunately, the region did not suffer the consequences of the 2008 economic crisis. However, Latin America should be taking steps to improve internal productivity to resist a new economic downturn that, unlike in 2008, will most likely affect the region directly.

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美国佛罗里达州迈阿密市(2011年3月28日) –十年前,拉丁美洲银行(Banco Latino, S.A.C.A.) 为了收回一笔数百万美元的贷款,起诉了出身于委内瑞拉显赫家族的米拉格罗斯西斯内罗斯以及她现已解散的公司——委内瑞拉矿业开发公司(Explotaciones Mineras de Venezuela, C.A.“Exmivenca”)。今天,该案件一锤定音,经陪审团参与审理三天后,西斯内罗斯的律师——来自迈阿密Tew Cardenas 律所的Thomas G. Schultz 和 Bryan T. West 宣布认输并承认了所有的法律责任。在听取了银行证人的证词之后,Schultz 先生对迈阿密戴德县巡回法院法官玛克辛科恩兰多宣布,西斯内罗斯将同意支付法院判决的九百二十五万八千八百七十六点七七美元。 在原告银行于1999年2月提出的控告中称,西斯内罗斯女士,作为Exmivenca矿业开发公司唯一的股东,与该银行达成了一年的协议,建立一个贸易信贷机构来资助一些对委内瑞拉出口的美国供应商。为了进一步促使银行发放贷款及垫付资金,西斯内罗斯女士无条件地亲自保证了Exmivenca对该银行还款的所有义务和责任。   1993年10月,Exmivenca对当时的信贷额度续签了一年,并支付给该银行数额250万美元的承兑票据。之后,直到当年12月,Exmivenca又利用这个信贷额度从该银行获得了1,188,739.33美元的额外贷款。   最终,Exmivenca拖欠了这笔贷款,因为它在承兑票据到期时无法支付欠该银行的未偿还本金及利息。   来自达瑞律所的Michael Diaz Jr., Gary E. Davidson, 和Carlos F. Gonzalez代理了拉丁美洲银行。律师们对判决结果非常满意,尤其是因为西斯内罗斯女士同意支付所有的银行债款。    拉丁美洲银行首席出庭辩护律师Michael Diaz, Jr.,表示:“这对于委内瑞拉银行当局是一场令人瞩目的胜利。出庭律师总是希望陪审团作出对自己有利的裁决,但这场胜利更令人高兴因为你的对手在甚至还未结束案件时就投降了,”Diaz先生补充说,“西斯内罗斯的投降表明了我们在此案上的强势”。Davidson 先生说:“尽管在现下环境中有大量对银行的不满,我们仍然坚信,当我们呈上西斯内罗斯以其公司担保的贷款的证据,陪审团会转向对我们有利的裁决。”Gonzalez先生表示同意,“最终,西斯内罗斯的律师们意识到西斯内罗斯家族不可能赢下这个案件。”   美国达瑞律师事务所是一家国际律所,致力于商业交易、民法以及刑事诉讼和仲裁等,办事处遍布中国上海、德国法兰克福、委内瑞拉加拉加斯、哥伦比亚波哥大、墨西哥墨西哥城以及位于巴西的分所。预知更多信息,请访问。

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Daily Business Review, March 30, 2011 After fighting a multimilliondollar judgment for more than a decade, a member of Venezuela’s prominent Cisneros family consented during trial to pay a Venezuelan bank for defaulted loans. Three days into a Miami-Dade Circuit jury trial last week, attorneys for Milagros Cisneros Fajardo agreed she would pay the full […]

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