Latin America Still Only a Secondary Economic Partner for China

by Hongwei Shang on November 5, 2007

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Enrique Dussel Peters, in an editorial for the TaiPei Times describes the challenges in trade between China and Latin America. Peters describes the relations between China and Latin America as “paradoxical.”

As bilateral trade increases and diplomatic relations strengthen, a lack of knowledge persists between the two regions, and in some cases tensions are growing. Hardly any major projects between China and Latin America have been initiated by the private, public or academic sectors, and bilateral institutions do not yet reflect the weight of economic dynamics.
Latin America remains a secondary economic and commercial partner for China. China represents a massive challenge even for countries such as Brazil that have achieved a significant trade surplus. So dividing Latin American states into “winners” and “losers” makes no sense. Aside from importing basic goods, China exports manufactured goods throughout the region.
Latin American countries would thus benefit from an open, non-ideological and critical analysis of development experiences in the past few decades. They also need an effective rapprochement — going beyond diplomacy — that implies greater investment in bilateral institutions. Otherwise, relations between China and Latin America will be far from smooth, even as their significance grows.

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