Briefing on Uruguay-China Bilateral Import and Export 2007

by Hongwei Shang on February 22, 2008

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2008/02/20 10:51:48

According to the statistics of the Uruguayan customs, the total value of Uruguay-China bilateral import and export amounted to US$703 million in 2007, up by 34.82% year on year, out of which the Uruguayan export to China was US$163 million, down by 4.08% year on year; its import from China was US$540 million, up by 53.64%, and trade deficit was US$377 million, up by 108.2%.

Since the two countries established their diplomatic relations 20 years ago, the bilateral import and export reached the best level in 2007, with an increase of 34.82% than that of 2006. Uruguay mainly exports wool, leather, frozen fish and soybean and other primary products to China, among which its wool export steadily dominated the first place, or 51.2% of its total export value; its export of beef increased by 216.2%, accounting for 3.2% of its total export; its wine was exported to the Chinese market for the first time. Influenced by the factors of supply and demand, its export of leather, frozen fish and soybean and other primary products dropped.

Uruguay mainly imports industrial finished products, such as household appliances, mechanical and electrical products, automobiles and fertilizer. Increase sees on import of all kinds of goods in 2007 that increase of chemical and industrial products, automobile, mechanical and electrical products, and clothing exceeding 70%. Since Uruguay has low added value export goods, its import from China surges and leads to further enlarging bilateral trade deficit.

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