Chinese Ambassador to Chile Praises Soaring L America-China Trade

by Hongwei Shang on March 7, 2008

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Chinese Ambassador to Chile Praises Soaring L America-China Trade
March 03,2008

Chinese Ambassador to Chile Liu Yuqin praised the rapid trade growth between China and Latin America in an article published by Chilean newspaper La Nacion on March 2.

"In today’s ever-more polarized world, Latin America and China, which are both developing, have to make joint efforts to confront the great challenge of a globalized world," the ambassador said.

China imported goods worth 10 billion U.S. dollars from Chile last year, with copper topping the list, to replace the United States as the country’s top importer.

Liu said China-Latin America trade reached 93 billion dollars in the first 11 months of 2007, substantially higher than the 70 billion dollars in 2006 and 50 billion dollars in 2005.

The United States and other developed nations must work harder to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Liu also said.

"China and the developing nations are improving the living conditions of their people. Developed nations already have a very high standard of living. The U.S and developed nations have a greater responsibility in reducing greenhouse gas emissions," she said, pointing out that the Kyoto agreement on greenhouse gases had enshrined the principle of different treatment for developed and developing nations.

On the energy issue, she said, "Petrol prices in China have risen fast. Due to its rapid development, China needs energy. But the bulk of our energy is supplied by our own resources."

(Source: Xinhua March 2)

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