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JACKSONVILLE, FL – Shandong Airlines, a Chinese provincial carrier based in Jinan, China won a $1.7 million judgment in an international contract dispute with a Florida flight training school. On June 26, 2009, U.S. District Judge Timothy J. Corrigan ruled against Capt, LLC and Flight Training Services International (FTSI) in the breach of contract dispute.


Shandong Airlines had engaged CAPT, LLC, a school owned by FTSI, to provide flight training to 24 of its Chinese pilot cadets, according to Miami-based Diaz Reus & Targ, LLP attorneys Brant Hadaway and Vince Li, who represented the airline.      


Under the contract, CAPT, LLC was to provide a 52-week course at its Northeast Florida facilities in Palm Coast, including housing and a weekly living allowance, in exchange for a $68,000 payment per student from Shandong Airlines. Instead, CAPT, LLC breached that contract, demanded more money from Shandong Airlines, and threatened to terminate the students’ visas, according to Hadaway and Li.


Hadaway said Shandong had paid CAPT, LLC more than $1.4 million since the 24 Shandong students were admitted into the United States on April 23, 2008 on M-1 vocational student visas, and had met all terms of the contract.


However, on March 27, 2009, CAPT, LLC sent Shandong a letter stating it considered the existing contracts “to be null and void” and said it would withdraw sponsorship of all Shandong student visas unless the airline paid additional money for the training, according to the complaint.


Hadaway and Li acted promptly to seek remedies for Shandong by obtaining a temporary restraining order to prevent CAPT, LLC from unilaterally terminating its contract, withdrawing its sponsorship for the Shandong cadets’ M-1 visas, and undertaking any activity that would jeopardize CAPT LLC’s FAA licenses. Judge Corrigan supported that request, and ultimately ruled in favor of Shandong.


After entering judgment, Judge Corrigan granted a request for issuance of a writ of garnishment to garnish proceeds of an auction of CAPT’s alleged remaining assets in Florida to prevent any further defrauding of Shandong Airlines.


Miami-based Diaz Reus is a full-service international law firm focusing on trade and business transactions, complex commercial, civil, and criminal litigation and arbitration matters. The firm operates full service offices in Shanghai, China, Frankfurt, Germany, Caracas Venezuela and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, as well as affiliate offices in Bogota, Colombia and Sao Paulo, Brazil. For more information, visit



佛罗里达Jacksonville – 总部设在济南的中国省级运营商, 山东航空公司, 在与一家佛罗里达飞行训练学校的国际合同纠纷中胜诉并获得$170万的判决. 佛罗里达联邦一审法院的Timothy J. Corrigan法官于2009626日判国际飞行训练服务公司FTSI商业航空飞行员训练有限责任公司(CAPT)在本次纠纷中违约

山东航空的代表律师, 美国达瑞律师事务所的Brant Hadaway和李维帆律师表示, 山航聘请了FTSI旗下的CAPT,为其24名中国飞行员学员提供飞行训练。

根据合同,针对山航为每名学生支付的$68000的学费,CAPT应在佛罗里达州北部的棕榈海滩提供为期52周的课程,住房和每周一次的生活补贴。但是, “CPAT不仅违反了该合同,要求山航增加培训费用,而且威胁终止学生的M-1(职业学生)签证” , Brant Hadaway李维帆说。

Hadaway律师说: “自从24名学生持M – 1签证于2008423日进入美国后,山航向CAPT支付的费用已超过$140万,并履行了所有合同条款


律师和李律师迅速采取行动,帮助山航以临时限制令的方式阻止了CAPT单方面终止合同,撤销对山东学员M – 1签证的赞助和进行任何危及CAPT的美国联邦航空局许可证的活动。Corrigan法官支持了山航的诉讼请求, 最终判山航胜诉.
判决作出之后, Corrigan法官准予了扣押CAPT在佛罗里达的剩余财产拍卖后的所得利益的扣押令, 以防止CAPT对山航造成更严重的侵害.

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