What Every Investor Should Know About Qatar

by RitaZhao April 27, 2011 Finance, April 5, 2011 Finding Qatar on a map may be as difficult as learning how to pronounce the country’s name. But analysts say that shouldn’t stop investors from targeting the small desert nation—as long as they understand the business culture and the risks in a region erupting with political strife. That inflow of investment […]

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Asset Hunting and Anti-Money Laundering: Justice on the Trail of Tears

by RitaZhao April 27, 2011 AML

by Michael Diaz ,Jr., Carlos Gonzales, Sumeet H. Chugani and Xingjian Zhao The Financial Law Report, March 1, 2011 In recent years, the terms “Ponzi scheme,” “financial fraud,” and “mon­ey laundering” have become unfortunate household names. Fraudsters like Bernard Madoff have given new meaning to the term “financial fraud,” leaving behind a trail of tears and […]

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Are Remittances to Latin America Recovering After the Global Crisis?

by Shu September 16, 2010 Finance

QMexican migrants living abroad sent more money back home in April than they did in the same month a year earlier, the Bank of Mexico said June 1. The year-on-year increase was small, less than 1 percent, but it was the first annual increase in 17 months. The report also said remittances to Mexico from […]

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Will Mexico’s New Banking Sector Rules Have Their Intended Effect?

by Shu September 15, 2010 Finance

QMexico’s central bank (Banxico) on July 26 imposed several new limits on bank fees and commissions. Among the new regulations are prohibitions against banks charging account holders fees on deposits and loan payments. Also, banks will be required to display the total cost of ATM transactions and allow customers to cancel them if they do not want to incur the charges. How will the new […]

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Will PayPal Thrive In China? – China’s New Regulation Of Third Party Paymenr Services

by Shu August 10, 2010 Finance

  By Vincent Li, associate attorney at Diaz Reus & Targ, LLP             On June 21, 2010, the central bank of China issued the administrative rules governing payment services by non financial institutions (the “Rules”).  The Rules are the first set of regulatory measures China has adopted towards non-bank third-party payment processors like PayPal.  As […]

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Asian And Middle Eastern Business Ethics Hit Latin America

by Shu July 6, 2010 Finance

Submitted by Steven Meyerowitz on Tue, 07/06/2010 – 8:19am   We recently spoke with Michael Diaz, Jr., the Miami-based managing partner at Diaz, Reus & Targ, LLP, who has spent more than 20 years in private practice defending and investigating Latin American money laundering and public corruption cases. A Cuban-born bilingual international attorney, Diaz (pictured) […]

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How Could U.S. Reforms Affect Remittance Companies

by Shu May 19, 2010 Finance

Q A draft version of the Restoring American Financial Stability Act proposed by U.S. Sen. Christopher Dodd (D.-Conn.) contains an amendment that would directly impact the money transfer industry, including reuirements that companies regularly disclose and post exchange rates. How would the bill in its current form affect remittance providers? What are the arguments for […]

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What Will 2010 Yield For Mexico’s Banking Industry?

by Shu December 29, 2009 Finance

QThe head of HSBC’s Mexican unit, Luis Pena, said Dec. 2 that he expects a return to growth at Grupo Financiero HSBC as the country emerges from its recession, suggesting that although Mexico’s recovery will be slow, ‘2010 will be better than 2009.’ Will Mexico’s banks indeed see growth next year? If so, how strong […]

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Dubai: A High Rise, Then a Steep Fall

by Shu December 9, 2009 Finance

By CHIP CUMMINS, STEFANIA BIANCHI and MIRNA SLEIMAN DUBAI — As financial crisis roiled much of the world in October 2008, the head of Dubai’s biggest state-owned developer unveiled his latest megaproject: a $38 billion development that would include a tower nearly two-thirds of a mile tall. "I’m sure most of you are asking why […]

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UPDATE 1-Beijing’s derivative default

by Shu October 7, 2009 Finance

* State-owned firms may default on commodity hedges – report * Bankers dismayed, confused by report; seek more details * Lawyers question legality of the move * Traders suspect lurking losses may have prompted warning (Adds analysts comments) By Eadie Chen and Chen Aizhu BEIJING, Aug 31 (Reuters) – A report that Chinese state-owned companies […]

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