China’s Surging Influence in Latin American Finance

by SumeetChugani March 15, 2012 Banking

How will bank subsidiaries in Latin America weather the European and U.S. financial crisis? Moody’s Investors Service recently placed 15 Mexican and Brazilian banks and insurance groups on review for down grade of their short- and long-term debt and deposit ratings. The rating agency said it made the decision in part because of the potentially […]

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China and Latin America Strike a New Balance

by admin November 10, 2011 ChinaLat

By Robert Lee, Partner and Gerardo Rodriguez-Albizu, Associate Attorney Diaz Reus Driven by demand for the commodities needed to fuel its fast-growing economy, China has successfully built strong commercial and investment relationships with Latin America over the last decade. Despite the global economic downturn, China continues to invest billions of dollars in Latin America through […]

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What Every Investor Should Know About Qatar

by RitaZhao April 27, 2011 Finance, April 5, 2011 Finding Qatar on a map may be as difficult as learning how to pronounce the country’s name. But analysts say that shouldn’t stop investors from targeting the small desert nation—as long as they understand the business culture and the risks in a region erupting with political strife. That inflow of investment […]

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Foreign invested travel agencies

by RitaZhao December 30, 2010 Investment

  By Xin (Joe) Zhang, associate attorney at Diaz Reus & Targ, LLP Overseas tourist destinations are becoming increasingly popular among Chinese people who are fond of traveling in their leisure time. In line with the growing outbound tourist trend, many foreign-invested travel agencies have recently entered China’s ever-growing tourism market. As a result, Chinese […]

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The Time Is Now: Chinese Investment In Latin American Infrastructure

by Shu December 3, 2009 Investment

 Xiaomin (Samantha) Hu, Esq. and Chad S. Purdie, Esq.             Infrastructure is what most of us take for granted – roads, utilities, airports, and healthcare sites, and educational facilities. In Latin America, where governments face the age-old problems of budget deficits and strained public debt markets, the trend over the past few decades has been to […]

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New Measures for China Government Approval on China Outbound Investment

by Shu June 22, 2009 Investment

China’s Ministry of Commerce recently (March, 2009) enacted Measures to better facilitate China’s outbound investments.  The previous regulatory regime was considered vague and led to some confusion.  The new Measures bifurcate approval authority between the Beijing National office level and the local level (provinces, municipalities, and other governmental units) with each level obtaining specific criteria […]

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Smaller cities, Larger opportunities

by Shu June 2, 2009 Investment

  Beijing and Shanghai are the top two cities attracting foreign tourists coming to mainland China. They were the top choices for foreign investors as well. In 2006, 80% of the fortune 500 companies with offices in China had their offices in Shanghai or Beijing. Only a few had a presence in second- or third- tier […]

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Export Processing Zones in China

by Shu March 3, 2009 Investment

For foreign investors, getting familiar with the Chinese preferential policy with local industry zones is essential to minimize costs. There are different types of industry zones in China, such as free trade zones (FTZ), export processing zones (EPZ) and bonded logistics parks (BLP). The first 15 pilot EPZs were set up by the State Council […]

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Chinese Citizens and the Purchase of U.S. Real Estate

by Aehrlich November 26, 2008 Investment

Chinese citizens, flush with cash now, are beginning to aggressively seek to invest abroad. One of the investments of extreme interest is U.S. residential property. But, they are unsure if it is possible to purchase it. They are always pleased to know that the U.S. places no restrictions on the purchase of residential real estate […]

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Investment in TaiCang, China

by Hongwei Shang September 29, 2008 Investment

When choosing to establish operations in China, many companies will think about Shanghai, the business and financial center of China. But the reality is that Shanghai is over-developed, especially for factory installations. There are cheaper alternatives that still allow a company to take advantage of Shanghai’s resources and geographical location. One such place is TaiCang […]

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