Is Latin America ready for a Chinese economic crisis?

by Marta Colomar Garcia March 19, 2012 Banking

The ongoing European debt crisis and the slow recovery in the United States are starting to impact China and Latin America’s economic growth. An inevitable re-balancing of China’s economy will be accompanied by a collapse in commodity demand within five years, a leading China expert has warned via Emerging Markets Organization. According to the Financial […]

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Maersk Line Invests in Chile | New Factory Announcement

by admin November 11, 2011 Trade

The current shortage of refrigerated containers used in the export of Latin American produce, fish and meat will be less acute in 2013 when Maersk Container Industry (MCI) will begin producing “reefers” as they are known in the industry, in San Antonio, Chile.  The container company expects to reach an output of 40,000 “reefer” containers […]

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China and Latin America Strike a New Balance

by admin November 10, 2011 ChinaLat

By Robert Lee, Partner and Gerardo Rodriguez-Albizu, Associate Attorney Diaz Reus Driven by demand for the commodities needed to fuel its fast-growing economy, China has successfully built strong commercial and investment relationships with Latin America over the last decade. Despite the global economic downturn, China continues to invest billions of dollars in Latin America through […]

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Are Remittances to Latin America Recovering After the Global Crisis?

by Shu June 16, 2010 Trade

QMexican migrants living abroad sent more money back home in April than they did in the same month a year earlier, the Bank of Mexico said June 1. The year-on-year increase was small, less than 1 percent, but it was the first annual increase in 17 months. The report also said remittances to Mexico from […]

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China: State Council Spells out Consumption Policies for 2010

by Shu December 9, 2009 Trade

The State Council meeting yesterday spelled out eight consumption policies in 2010. Most of them are in line with market expectations. But two changes can be viewed as negative by the market or some market participants: an effective increase in the auto purchase tax by 2.5ppts, and the resumption of the business tax for sales […]

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China-Latin America Trade: New Record

by Shu November 25, 2009 Trade

  Brazil replaces Mexico as China’s top market in Latin America and boosts its surplus as well. BY JOACHIM BAMRUD   As Chinese and Latin American companies meet in Bogota this week for the third annual China-Latin America Business Summit, they have reason to be bullish. China continues to be the fastest-growing trade partner for […]

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Deals Help China Expand Sway in Latin America

by Shu October 7, 2009 Trade

CARACAS, Venezuela — As Washington tries to rebuild its strained relationships in Latin America, China is stepping in vigorously, offering countries across the region large amounts of money while they struggle with sharply slowing economies, a plunge in commodity prices and restricted access to credit.   In recent weeks, China has been negotiating deals to […]

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Why the U.S.-China Trade Spat Won’t Escalate

by Shu September 20, 2009 Trade

As the G-20 summit approaches, it’s unlikely China and the U.S. will allow recent disagreements to get in the way, say experts   Whenever Washington and Beijing become embroiled in a trade row, there’s always a fear it will escalate. But some Western economists say the likelihood that President Barack Obama’s decision on Sept. 11 […]

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by Shu September 20, 2009 Trade

For information about Latin American countries, please check: Conference Statistical Appendix 2009 Final Version 2.pdf

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WTO win could open China’s door to US companies

by Shu August 13, 2009 Trade

GENEVA — The United States has defeated China in a wide-ranging ruling at the World Trade Organization that could provide massive market opportunities for American makers of everything from CDs and DVDs to music downloads and books. The verdict Wednesday finds definitively against China for forcing American media producers to route their business in China […]

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