Securities and Exchange Act

Securities Fraud: Class Plaintiffs in Securities Fraud Case Against Chinese Company Facing Difficulties

by RitaZhao June 21, 2011 Diaz Reus News

In Perry, a shareholder class sued a Chinese printing company, as well as its current and former officers and directors, for making false and misleading statements in violation of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934. Plaintiffs allege that the company failed to disclose certain details about its expenses and made deceptive statements thereby damaging […]

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Asset Hunting and Anti-Money Laundering: Justice on the Trail of Tears

by RitaZhao April 27, 2011 AML

by Michael Diaz ,Jr., Carlos Gonzales, Sumeet H. Chugani and Xingjian Zhao The Financial Law Report, March 1, 2011 In recent years, the terms “Ponzi scheme,” “financial fraud,” and “mon­ey laundering” have become unfortunate household names. Fraudsters like Bernard Madoff have given new meaning to the term “financial fraud,” leaving behind a trail of tears and […]

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